Heat Wagon Tech School

Looking to learn more about Heat Wagon Direct Fired Heaters or Indirect Fired Heaters?

Attend one of the 2018 Heat Wagon Technical Service Schools to learn from the experts in direct and indirect fired heat sources!

September Session

  • September 25: Direct Fired Heaters
  • September 26: Indirecct Fired Heaters

October Session

  • October 23: Direct Fired Heaters
  • October 24: Indirect Fired Heaters

For additional information or to register, please email or call us at (888) 432-8924.

Heat Wagon teaches its dealers how to design a complete temporary heating system that is unique to each application. This will maximize efficiencies and place you above your competition. Our seminars, held at our Harold Coates Education facilities, located in Valparaiso Indiana, will provide you with these skills.

  • How to troubleshoot and repair heaters
    • Understand the logic involved with heater operation
  • Understand the physics of heat
    • Learn about the obstacles and goals involved with a heating system
  • Understand different methods of temporary heating
    • Recirculation and pressurization
  • Applications
    • Size and select heaters
    • Heat loss formulas
    • Air circulation formulas
  • Proper installation methods
    • Understand the properties of LP and natural gas
    • Select the proper size hose and power cord
    • Placement of the equipment
    • Sizing flue pipes and ducts